Dear Reader:

The team at Unofficial and I have taken great pleasure in being your preferred local news source for the last couple years.  Our traffic statistics show that we filled a void in local news, and have become a trusted resource for many in the local community.  The response from our users has always been outstanding, and the comments, private messages, and emails that we have received from readers like you have been very gratifying.

I am sad to announce today though, that we will be discontinuing our Community News websites.

First and foremost, Unofficial is an Internet Marketing Agency.  Our primary mission is to help local businesses connect with local consumers on the Internet.  Community News was just one way that we were able to do that.  We measure the success of our services by how well they sell, customer feedback, and ultimately profitability.  Unfortunately, Community News was simply not a very profitable endeavor.  Discontinuing the Community News segment of our business will allow the Unofficial team to focus more on website design, search engine optimization, and other internet marketing services which better resonate with the bulk of our customers, and with our bottom line.

While I’m certainly sad to see this community resource that we’ve built go away, I am even more sad that we’ll be losing a valued teammate.  Kate Douglas has been a full-time journalist at Unofficial for over a year, and the news stories that you’ve come to count on are the direct result of Kate’s hard work.  It has been a great pleasure working with Kate, and I’d highly recommend her to anyone that’s seeking a journalist, writer, blogger, etc.  We will miss having her on our team very much, and we wish her only the best in her future endeavors!

As we look at Unofficial’s future endeavors, the future is bright.  We’ll continue to help local businesses connect with local consumers on the Internet, and we’ll continue to explore new innovative ways of reaching online audiences.  We’ll still be right here in your community – you will see us around.  And if you’re needing help finding local consumers for your business, we’d love to hear from you.

To all of our Community News Sponsors, we offer our most sincere thanks.  We appreciate your support, and we’re looking forward to serving you in the other facets of your Internet marketing strategy.

To everyone else, thanks for reading!

Jesse B. Hunt