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When you work with Unofficial, you’ll receive a site that will work as hard for your business as you do.

We will exceed your expectations. Here’s how we know …


We’re selective about the projects that we accept. If we don’t have absolute confidence that we can obtain impressive results for your business, we’ll refer you to a different web designer that will be a better fit for your needs. Check out our web design client criteria to see if we’d be a good partner for your company.

We track results. We monitor the performance of every web site that we build, and we make recommendations when we see opportunities for improvement.

We manage the websites that we build.  When your new site is complete, we don’t just hand it over and disappear.  We’ll host it for you, provide technical support, perform proactive software upgrades (to keep it secure from hackers,) and provide a warranty that will fix any problems if they should arise.

We’ve got experience. LOTS OF IT. Our team has been providing expert web design service in Memphis, TN since 2002. We’ve learned lot during that time.  We know what works, and we know what doesn’t.  That experience can save you lots of time, money, and headaches!

We design websites with achieving phenomenal results as our primary goal, not as a mere afterthought. While that seems like a logical strategy, many website designers get caught up in the art, and forget that they’re really supposed to be building great Internet marketing tools, not pretty online pictures.


We specialize in Search Engine Optimization.  Onsite optimization comes standard with our website design service, so you can rest easy knowing that your site has the right keywords, in the right places, the right number of times.  We’ll also assess your competition, and we’ll let you know if a more aggressive SEO strategy is necessary. We’re more than a web design company – we’re an Internet marketing agency.

We’re here when you need us.  Our office is in Downtown Memphis, and we always have appointment times available for our customers.  We’re also available by telephone and email, and we respond promptly! After all, what good is a website designer if you can’t get in touch with them?

Here’s What’s Included With Our Website Design Service


Professionally Customized Design

Your new site will be designed to match your style preferences, logo, company colors, and other marketing materials.


Easy to Use Website Editor

You’ll get an easy way for you and your staff to update text and pictures when you see fit!


Content Integration

We’ll get you going fast by adding your text and pictures to the website for you.


Results Tracking

We’ll provide you with access to the statistics that you need to measure the performance of your Internet presence.


Mobile Friendly Design & Coding

Your website will look great on mobile devices, tablets, and computers!


Onsite SEO

We make it easy for search engines to discover and rank your pages.


Email Contact Forms

We’ll add contact forms to your website to make it easy for your customers to contact you.


Optional Copywriting

Need help writing the text for your website? Let our professional copywriters do that for you too!

We’ll help you succeed once your new web site is complete too!

Once your new website has been designed, we’ll help you manage it too! With Priority Website Management, you’ll receive:


Web Hosting


Website Warranty


Nightly Backups


Priority Website Maintenance


Unlimited Support


Discounted Rate on Additional Website Maintenance


Pro-active Software Upgrades

5 Star Web Design in Memphis TN

Five Star Review on Google

Unofficial has increased our online visibility by designing a website that is engaging and informational. Their level of service and attentiveness is phenomenal!

Ravonda Griffin
Perry Griffin PC, Attorneys at Law

Web Design in Memphis, TN

An Inclusive Web Design Service.

If you’re looking for a worry-free web site design experience, we’ve got you covered.

Customized Design

Mobile Friendly

Easy to use Website Editor

Search Engine Friendly

Analytics & Reporting

Dependable Hosting

Support & Maintenance

Website Warranty

Web Design in Memphis TN

5 Star Web Design in Memphis TN

Five Star Review on Google

Prompt web support, personal attention tailored for custom needs.

Cherie Jones

Owner, Signs and Stuff, Inc.

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Frequently Asked Website Design Questions

How much does a website cost?

Every website is different, so pricing can vary based on needs, goals, and features. That said, we’re currently only accepting full internet marketing projects with a budget of at least $2500 per month. If you’re looking for a trusted partner that can help you build a website that will be a great marketing tool – to help you generate more leads and increase your sales – contact us to discuss your specific needs and goals. If we’re a good fit for your project, we’ll be glad to give you an exact price.

How long will it take to design my new site?

Most of our websites are completed in 1 – 3 months, depending on the complexity of the project and our current workload.

What will you need from me in order to build my new website?

We’ll need your logo and samples of any existing marketing materials that you’d like to model the website after. You’ll need to have a quick 20 minute meeting with one of our Memphis website designers (either in-person or online) at the start of your project, and provide occasional feedback throughout the design process. If you’ll be providing the text that we’ll use on the site, you’ll need to provide that by Day 14 of the website design process. If you don’t have text for us to use, we can also provide optional copy writing services so you don’t have to worry about it.

I already have a logo and other marketing materials for my business. Will my website match my logo and marketing materials?

Yes, absolutely. Just provide us your current logo and marketing materials, and we’ll make sure that your website becomes a cohesive part of your overall marketing strategy.

I already have a domain name (website address.) Will I be able to keep the same website address / domain name with my new site?

Definitely. You can keep your domain name with whoever it’s currently registered with OR we can help you move it to a different registrar if you’d prefer. Once your new website design is complete, we’ll login to your domain account and make a couple small changes. Within a few hours of those changes, your old domain will point to your new website on our server.

Will my new website be mobile-friendly?

Yes. Every website we build is responsive, so they display perfectly, regardless of the size of the screen that they’re being viewed on. Your new site will look as good on an iPhone or iPad as it does on your laptop or desktop computer.

Will my new website show up in search engine results?

When we build your website, we’ll ensure that it is search engine friendly. In other words, we’ll make sure that your website has the right keywords in the right places, the right number of times. We’ll also ensure that the search engines can find your website, and that it’s easy for them to understand. That may be enough for your business to obtain first page rankings in the search engines. Depending on the competition for your keywords though, additional search engine optimization may be necessary to outrank your competitors.

Will I be able to update my website on my own, or will I need to contact your web design agency every time I need a change?

You will be able to update your website yourself anytime you’d like. Your website will include an website editor that will allow you to update text, pictures, and videos. It’s super easy to use, and we’ll be glad to support you if you have any problems.

Will you update my website for me if I don’t have the time or desire to do it myself.

Yes, of course! Our Priority Website Management provides a half-hour of website maintenance per month. If you need more than that, you’ll receive a discounted hourly rate for the additional time spent.

Do you really have staff here in the Memphis, TN area?

YES. We know that there are a lot of web site designers that advertise locally, but don’t really have any staff in Memphis. We are definitely local though. Our office is located at 73 Union Ave., Memphis TN, 38103.  We are your local Memphis website design company.

I’ve worked with other web designers and they’ve let me down. How do I know that this will be different?

We’ve been in the web design and Internet marketing business since 2002. We’ve built hundreds of websites and we have lots of customers willing to sing our praises. Take a look at our portfolio and our online reviews – that should inspire some confidence in our abilities! We work very hard to ensure that all of our customers are thrilled with our service, and it shows in the feedback that we receive from them.

How do I get started on my new website?

We’re glad that you like what you’ve read so far! Please read our Web Design Client Criteria to see if you qualify for our services. If so, get in touch and let’s discuss your project!

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