As a Memphis Social Media Management company, we often run into the problem of how to easily manage multiple locations for our customers on social media. Do we create a page for each location, or just one Facebook page to handle all locations?  Which address do we leave off the profile if we only chose one page?  

Don’t worry, because if you are a multi-location brand, all you need to do is sign up for Facebook Locations.

Memphis Social Media Management Just Got Easier For Clients With Multiple Locations

Do you know that you can have consistent local pages all connected to your brand page?

With Facebook Locations, you can now avoid random, auto generated (or user generated) pages when someone searches for your brand or a store in some particular location. If you do not have ‘child pages’ or at least local pages that are created and managed individually, it is highly likely that you will have a bunch of highly disconnected pages, which is not ideal for the social media presence of your business.

The ‘auto generated pages’ and random ‘user created’ pages lack brand consistency. They usually also contain inappropriate content that can affect your branding and presence on the social media. There may be some potentially erroneous information that is vital for the correct branding of the business like your phone number, address or hours. Since these pages are seen by many of the customers or potential customers, they can adversely affect your branding efforts. 

One of the main reasons of having listed locations for multiple stores is the fact that these random pages are accumulating a number of check-ins, likes, and negative and positive feedback without you knowing anything about them. Since one of the main uses of social media is to ensure a positive interaction with the consumers, this is typically lost with these user created and auto generated pages for your business. All of the feedback will go unseen at your end and the customers might feel that you are ignoring their feedback or suggestions.

Creating Consistent Branding with Facebook Locations

By using the Facebook Locations the right way, you ensure that your customers can easily locate your stores. They will be shown the closest store to them by default, and the customers will also be able to view all the relevant information like the opening hours, contact number, and address. And once they plan to visit the page, it will have the right feedback and your presence on the page itself, and answering queries will give a major boost in their confidence in you.

With the growing trend of check-ins, your business is surely going to benefit a lot from the feature if the check-ins is done on the actual pages of the business rather than on some other random page that you did not even create. With high number of check-ins, the probably of people coming to visit your stores also increase.

With a number of new features coming into place on Facebook, you need to make sure your social media presence is felt among the crowd. For this you need to have a proper social media marketing management. If you are looking for Memphis Social Media Marketing, Unofficial offers the best services.

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