Memphis Digital Advertising Curve-Ball Thrown At Local Businesses

How can your business can benefit from the Pokémon Go trend?

In less than a week, Pokémon Go has skyrocketed in popularity around the globe.  Since it’s release it has been downloaded more than 15 million times.  As locals spend there time searching for the characters around town, small businesses can cash in on the opportunity to create an influx of foot traffic into their establishments using this Memphis digital advertising trend.

How Does Local Business Capitalize on the Pokémon Go Following?

First, you’ll need to download the Pokémon Go app yourself (assuming you haven’t already.)  Once you have the app, see if your business is near a PokeStop or Gym.  These waypoints are automatic attractors to players who want to get rewards in the game or to “battle” players.  Once you’ve found the nearest PokeStops or Gyms, then it is time to lure the players in!

Like many free apps, Pokémon Go offers in-app purchases.  From within the purchase area, you can buy Pokécoin – the official currency for Pokémon.  Once you trade in actual currency for the digital version within the app, you can buy Pokémon Go Lures.  This is where small business are really cashing in on the craze.

A Lure increase the amount of Pokémon characters in the area near the PokeStop.  A single lure will last for about one half hour.  Since Pokémon spawns are rare and random, people are flocking to the areas where they are showing up.  As people come to the lure to find Pokémon, they shop at your place of business or eat at your restaurant!  As an added benefit, as more people show up to the Pokéspot more Pokémon will be there.

How Much Does This Type Digital Advertising Cost?

Not much, surprisingly.  Let’s break it down like a Reddit user did for Inc Magazine.

$100 will get you 14,500 Pokécoins and an eight-pack of Lures cost 680 Pokécoins.  We determined that a Lure lasts for about one half hour. So…..

14,500 Pokecoins / 680 = 21 eight-packs of lures
(21 * 8)/2 = 84 hours
$100/84 hours = $1.19 per hour

That is a lot of foot traffic for $1.19 an hour!

Do You Think Pokémon Go Digital Advertising Really Works?

Some businesses are definitely seeing big numbers of foot traffic because of the game.  One bar owner recently posted that his business “did this last night (college town), and within minutes of dropping the lure, 30+ people walked in.”  Restaurant and bars across the nation are reporting large traffic-spikes due to being near a PokéStop.

There are a few local businesses that this type of digital advertising could really shine such as:

  • Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Toy Stores
  • Clothing Stores
  • Retail Stores
  • Liquor Stores

The key to this digital advertising trend is to harness its power before it goes away.  Like most fads, this one probably will not hang around.

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