What is search engine optimization?

A major part of the internet today depends on what we search for on search engines and the results we get, but are those results based on something? They absolutely are. The search engines, be it Yahoo, Google or Bing, work on algorithms which pick up on specific words on the web pages matching your search terms.

For example, if you search Website Design on Google, the webpage that has the most relevant website design information on it will show up on top.

With time, search engines have been upgraded and made smarter to avoid search results which use questionable search engine optimization methods. This is done to provide users with an authentic and comfortable use of the internet as they are searching for what is required.

Search Engine Optimization Explained

Let’s take an example of a grocery store clerk, but this isn’t just a regular grocery store. This grocery store houses every product for sale in the world. With such an enormous inventory, the clerk needs to know what every product is and how it is related to other products, so that customers can choose what they think is best for them.

To have all that information processed and give out the best result possible, you need to have a system. This system, in the case of the internet, is the search engine. Google and Bing are the store clerks that recommend us the best products based on our inquiry.

Search engines use algorithms to go through every webpage in the world and give you the most relevant ones in descending order. The one that it thinks is the most relevant shows up on top.

For people who own websites, search results matter as people on search engines tend to only go through the first five search results to find what they need. With higher rankings, your website can be accessed by more people as it shows up on top in the search results. To achieve that, your web pages have to contain everything that is required by the algorithm to pick it up first.

This is search engine optimization.

Most of the common algorithms work on the following details:

  • Words or groups of words
  • Titles
  • Links
  • Ratings


Search engines tend to pick up on the words that you have used in their search bar and go through web pages that have similar words written in them. When making content for web pages, it is important to use words that are relevant to your page and will be searched for, the most, by a user.



If there are a lot of websites linking to your site for reference, it is possible that you will get a higher search rating.  However, search engines have become smarter when it comes to people using bogus and bought links to their websites. In this case, the search engine will discard the website from the results.



There are hidden titles to web pages that are somewhere in the coding. Search engines use those titles to see if the page is relevant to the search or not.



The more people that approve of your page with a like button or an online review, the higher your rating will be and higher rated pages show up over other lower rated pages.

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