Web design and regular marketing techniques are no longer enough. Google’s algorithms have changed drastically, and they operate based on keywords. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the practice of maximizing your site’s position in Google results. If you’re a landscaping company, then when someone uses Google to search for landscaping companies, you want your company to be on the first page of those search results.

Google optimization is a very technical, specialized job. Hiring an SEO specialist is your best bet for ensuring that your website comes up above other businesses’ in Google results. Search engine optimization services allow your company to stand out above your competitors. Even if they have more advertisements or a bigger employee base, your business will be more accessible to people using Google. And who uses Google? Almost everybody!

Have you ever been wondering about something, so you just did a quick Google search for something like “search engine optimization company near me” so you could find something quickly and easily? When you want to find something, you do a search for it. SEO is arguably more effective than traditional advertising methods, simply because it appeals to a user base that is already looking for your services or something like them.

Website traffic is what drives sales, right? Especially so if you have an online store. A website without traffic is like a car that doesn’t have anything in the gas tank. Your marketing strategy hinges upon bringing people to your website.

We at Unofficial like to work with only a limited number of clients at a time, because we prefer to give individualized attention as much as possible. We have a set of qualifications that you must meet, called our SEO New Client Criteria. We want our clients to get the best possible results, and we want our team to focus on the types of projects that we do the best at.

By making changes on your website, you can optimize your website for online searches. Another way to do search engine optimization is to work with other websites to create backlinks that lead back to your site. The more your website name and link are found across the Internet, the more likely you are to get a lot of traffic on your site.

If you don’t properly optimize your site for Google, though, you can end up just falling off the results entirely. That’s why you need a search engine optimization specialist to work with you and make sure that your site stays exactly where it needs to be: the first page.

So, if you’ve now decided that you need search engine optimization services, then you need to figure out how it can be done and who can do it.

The first thing you should know is that it’s not a one-time thing. It’s an ongoing process that requires a lot of maintenance and a watchful eye. Google often changes how their system of rankings works, so it’s important to have someone keep their finger on the pulse of SEO’s top tips and tricks.

You have to make changes, track results, and then implement more changes based on whatever results you got. If you’re being promised a permanent top spot on Google rankings, then you either don’t have much competition or you need to consider the qualifications of the company you’re using.

Here’s another important thing to keep in mind: no one can absolutely guarantee top search rankings. Anyone who tries to convince you that they can get a certain rank for you is someone to be wary of, and Google agrees. While there are a lot of tried-and-true techniques that can be used, Google changes things all the time, and you just never know what is going to catch people’s eyes when they’re doing a search. If someone promises anything too specific, then they will probably let you down at some point. The Internet changes all the time. Nothing is guaranteed.

Even when SEO is working properly, it still may take some time to get the rankings that you seek. Some methods work faster than others, but Google and other search engines (such as Yahoo or Bing) frown upon these methods, and that just leads to trouble. It could take 3 to 6 months for you to get the high rankings you desire, and it can often take longer than that if your competitors are using the same techniques as you are, especially if you have a lot of competitors.

Even if you find your website on page 3 on Tuesday, you might find it at page 2 or 4 on Wednesday. Search engine rankings move up and down all the time. It’s natural, so don’t panic. For proof of this, try searching for “search engine optimization,” then try searching for it on your phone. You’ll most likely see that the results are in a different order. There will be small ups and downs, and that’s just part of the process.

Instead of worrying about how much you’ve dropped down since yesterday, look at your notes to see which rankings you’ve had and then get an average based on that. Are your rankings drastically going up or down week to week or month to month? Don’t sweat the small changes. The big picture is what matters here, because it tells you what is working and what is not. It’s less stressful to focus on the major changes, so don’t look too heavily into it when you move up just a few spots in the rankings.

A good search engine optimization agency should be performing two different types of optimization: onsite and offsite. Onsite optimizations are tweaks applied to your website, such as ensuring that you have the right keywords—and especially that they are used in the right places in the right number of times. Offsite optimizations are when you work with other websites to get your name, company, and link available to the Internet at large. Social media is another great way of making your site more visible to people using search engines and other websites you’ve connected to. It also helps to ensure that your contact information is consistent—it needs to be the same everywhere it’s put out for people to see. You don’t want anyone associating your business with a wrong number to another company!

Real, substantial search engine rankings results depend upon healthy doses of onsite and offsite work. And again, this isn’t a one-time thing. This is a general process that needs to be tweaked over time. As such, your SEO team should be giving you reports on a regular basis. Since rankings can change in a span of hours, you should be more interested in monthly reports than daily ones.

You also get what you pay for. If you pick your cheapest option for search engine optimization services, then you will probably not get the best rankings. People who can do SEO for cheap are probably skimping on methods, on time, and on effort. Remember that poorly done SEO can get you removed from search results entirely, so be careful about who you trust. SEO techniques have changed a lot over time, so you need to make sure that your SEO team is using the latest methods—and not the ones that don’t work anymore. 

If you like the way we think and work, apply for Unofficial’s search engine optimization services on our site. We’ve been helping businesses in Memphis and its surrounding areas since 2002. Our local SEO experts know what works and what doesn’t. We have an extensive portfolio of websites that we’ve kept at the top of Google searches for keywords that have very competitive markets—and many of those have stayed in those spots for years.

We’re not a perfect fit for everyone, but we do value your success, because our success comes from yours. We commit ourselves to the goal of helping your business rise to the top. 

If you need the best search engine optimization company, you’ve come to the right place.