You understand the challenges that come with search engine optimization if you own a local or online business or are using internet for online marketing. 

There are many things to take care of when going for search engine optimization and making your online presence in the business world. If you have multiple locations of your business, NAP is something you should be familiar of when going for search engine optimization.


NAP; which stands for Name, Address and Phone Number is one of the most critical things when it comes to getting your rank up there in the search engine. If you are planning a strategy to make your ranks better in the local search results, NAP comes into play. Why? Because all search engines take into account the name, date and phone number data into account when showing for searches which are geo-targeted. Here is what can be done with NAP to boost the local search engine rankings for your business. 

Correct NAP Information

One of the most important things to keep in mind when going for search engine optimization is making sure that your NAP is correct and consistent across the your website, and the web. According to many SEO experts , Google, as well as other search engines crosscheck the NAP you have provided across multiple websites on web. Why? Because they want to make sure that your business is actually legitimate and not fake. 

For example: If there is a spam site made for search engine optimization, it is obvious that it will not have a address, let alone a valid address at all. It is also not going to have NAP in Yellow Pages, Yelp or anywhere over the web.

Therefore, it is very important not only to have a valid name, address and phone number on your website, but also making sure that you have a consistent NAP across the entire web. And, more local citations for your business with a consistent NAP are better for search engine optimization and the chances of being clicked by web users.

Where should you put your NAP?

The question is, where shouldn’t you put your NAP to make an effective search engine optimization?

For starters, you should get the name, address and telephone number of your business in a reputable directory, specifically in some local or industry specific directory. The best options will be local chambers of commerce,, IYP sites, InfoUSA, Yelp, the BBB,,,, etc.

Once you are done with getting your NAP in local directory, you should make sure that your NAP all across the web is consistent whether it is on your website, online directories or your social media pages. This will surely help you in search engine optimization.

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