You can drive the growth of your business by taking advantage of goodwill and brand appeal. With consumers increasingly using social media to access business information, the reputation of your brand on these platforms can impact the impression prospects have of your business.

According to a study, the percentage of consumers whose buying decisions were influenced by Facebook, both online and offline, increased from 36% in 2014 to 52% in 2015.

Users are not likely to engage with your brand online and offline if your company has a negative image on social media. It’s clear that people use information on social media to make informed decisions whether it’s about a politician, a purchase or even a country.

Wondering how your online brand image on social media marketing sites can be HURT? Read the following social media marketing tips to find out.

Top 8 Ways Social Media Can Damage Your Business Reputation

Pushing Customers to Buy from Your Business

If you’re too pushy on social media, your prospects are bound to be turned off and pushed away from your business. Being pushy doesn’t just turn away potential customers, but can also ruin your online reputation. Therefore, there’s need to put your prospects and social following on spotlight for increased trust in your brand.

Mention your customers and social following on your posts instead of just focusing on brand promotion of your products and services. In return, your prospects and following on social platforms will thank you by promoting your business to their connections.

Instead of being pushy and turning away customers, take advantage of user-generated content to build your business social strength and presence.

Failing to Address User Concerns/Complaints

Addressing user concerns or complaints in a timely manner can easily generate referrals for your business. Various studies have proven that satisfied customers whose complaints are promptly resolved are more likely to recommend your brand to their connections.

However, failure to solve customer issues can lead to a reputation crisis of your brand on social media. According to a report published by RightNow on customer experience, rude and poor quality customer service is a top reason why many customers switch from a brand to its competitors.

Such customers don’t just walk away from your business, but also spread negative information about your brand online.

Failure to Monitor Brand Mentions

One of the most important strategies for managing brand reputation on social media is tracking mentions of your business. About 96% of users who discuss brands on social media, according to a BrandWatch report, don’t follow the particular brands on their social profiles.

According to Internet Reputation upon examining a RadiumOne survey, at least 67% of brand mentions are on ‘dark social’ platforms such as emails, forums and apps. Since analytics tools can’t access these platforms for screening, they won’t send you notifications. Therefore, you might prefer manual brand mention monitoring to using analytics tools.

Not Responding to Messages or Failing to Respond at All

Customer service is a business aspect that can strengthen or destroy your reputation online. When you quickly respond to customer queries on social platforms, you indirectly strengthen your online reputation.

According to study findings, about 71% of consumers who got quick responses to their queries from businesses on social sites had a higher probability of recommending the brands to their connections.

Taking too long to respond to customer queries or failing to respond at all can negatively impact your business brand online. These customers are more likely to switch to your competitors and spread negativity about your business. What’s more, they’re less likely to return to your business in the future.

Therefore, you should invest in a highly responsive team of customer support staff to cater to your customers’ queries.

Sharing Boring Posts

If you share boring posts with your online audience, you’re bound to turn them away. The posts can ruin your business reputation, showcasing your brand as boring. This can also make your brand forgettable. The essence of branding is all about infusing humor and personality to your social posts. Think out of the box and share posts your audiences want to read and even share with their connections.

Disrespecting Others

Disrespecting others online and using bad language can also tarnish your brand image. Mind your language online and show respect to all. Learn to handle those who are disrespectful by being positive in your comments. Doing otherwise is bound to HURT your company in the long run.

Spamming Posts and Inconsistency in Social Media Marketing

Moderate your social media posts. Spamming your users with posts every minute about a single service or product your company offers can be irritating. The spamming posts can be a turn off, eventually ruining your brand by portraying your business as a spammer.

Moreover, you need to be consistent with your social media posts across various platforms. Inconsistency can also ruin your brand image on social platforms. The images, videos, articles, press releases, blogs, etc. you share on your social profiles should always be consistent.

Bad Timing

The old adage goes that ‘There’s time for everything.” You need to make your social posts at the right time. Social posts made at the wrong time can be a bad taste to your audience. It can make your brand be perceived as insensitive. Therefore, make your social posts at the right time to protect your business image online.

The same way social media can promote the growth of your business, it can destroy your online reputation. Therefore, you need to tread carefully online as you engage your prospects and existing customers. Whatever move or action you anticipate, first think of its impact on your brand image.

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