Our top seven local search engine tips will help you develop an online presence to lure potential prospects. You need local SEO to attract new customers. Today, SEO for the best search engine marketing company, Google, is more important than ever as more people go digital. However, search engine marketing tips have evolved over the years to become dependent on user behavior and practices.

For example, today there’s need to target your SEO efforts on local user demographics. This is attributed to the fact that online users are increasingly more responsive information and adverts targeted based on geographies. If you’re new to the world of internet marketing, here are seven effective SEO tips and tricks to get you started.

Top 7 Local Search Engine Optimization Tips and Tricks

Create Your Listing on Google My Business

Google My Business is another service from Google Inc. designed to help internet users access your business name, hours of operation, address, geographical proximity to the user’s location and reviews.

Simple in design, this service is effective and works by displaying your business information on the top right-hand side of the results page of Google search engine whenever a relevant search query is made.

Get started by searching your business using the Google search engine then claim it as yours. Next, verify your business with Google, ensuring that all the details provided are accurate.

Lastly, add images of your business to your ‘Google My Business’ profile and respond to any newly posted reviews. Also add your location on the map if it’s not already there.

Create Your Business Listings Everywhere

Google is just one of the many local business listings available on the internet. Wherever you post your business listing, make sure that you also add your business name, contact information such as email and telephone number, and address.

It’s important for the information you add to be consistent and accurate across all your listings on different platforms for better ranking on search result pages every time a user makes a search. Consider the following local business listing platforms:

  • Foursquare
  • Yelp
  • Local telephone directories and white pages
  • Trip Advisor
  • Yahoo and Bing
  • Angie’s List
  • Local business associations
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Chamber of Commerce

Develop a Responsive and Mobile-Friendly Business Website

With more users accessing the internet from their mobile gadgets, it’s important for business websites to be responsive and mobile-friendly. Similarly, users are increasingly making real time searches from their smartphones and tablets. This is where a responsive website comes in.

Responsive websites can be accessed from devices with different screen sizes, ranging from personal computers to mobile phones. If users are unable to access or navigate through your website from their mobile devices, they’re likely to switch to your competitors for the same services.

Use online tutorials to customize your existing website for more responsive use or develop one from scratch. If you’re green in matters regarding web development, hire the services of a professional web developer or freelancer to help you with your website.

Utilize Testimonials, Reviews and Local News

Promote your products and services through testimonials, reviews and local news outlets without blowing your own trumpet. Manage the reputation of your business by encouraging customers to leave positive reviews and testimonials about your services or products on top review sites.

Since reviews and testimonials can build or damage your reputation, impacting your search engine rankings, address the issues and concerns of your unhappy customers. Furthermore, local news and testimonials are free forms of advertisement. Therefore, invest enough time and effort to build good relationships with local media outlets and your customers.

Develop Relevant, Local and Engaging Content

The old adage ‘Content is King’ is relevant even today when it comes to professional search engine optimization. Develop interesting, relevant and local content that’s engaging and shareable with your online audience. Since marketing today is focused on a specific audience or target market, your content should be locally targeted to your local audience, including the name of your locality in the title of your posts.

It’s also important that you integrate local events, news and information in your press releases and blogs or articles as many times as possible. Use short sentences, killer titles and short stories in your content to engage your audience. Don’t forget to use two to three sentences in each paragraph for easy reading. Engaging content also includes headers and use bullet points.

Focus Your Business Ad Extensions to Your Local Target Market

Local extensions are also an important part of custom local SEO techniques you need to exploit for successful search engine optimization. Access this feature on Google AdWords to enable you integrate location data into your business advertisements.

With this feature, potential prospects get to see your business location, how far they are, a call button to reach you and a link to your about page for more information about your business and geographical location.

Go Social

Social media websites have taken the world by surprise, with top sites boasting of millions of daily active users. Use sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are some platforms you can use to reach local target audiences with your business products and services.

Local SEO is here to stay, hence the need for you to take advantage of these techniques to market your products and services to a specific target market in a particular local area or location. As a result, you’ll benefit from better rankings on search engine page results, increased customer base and improved traffic.

Search engine optimization is integral when it comes to internet marketing and having an online presence. With organic, white-hat SEO practices, you can grow your business online and enjoy better returns on your investments.

The seven local SEO tips and tricks discussed above aren’t just easy to execute, but have proven to be effective in online campaigns. Therefore, get started today and incorporate these safe practices into your marketing campaign for huge returns.

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