Have you come across a website that was simply illegible? The text on the website was too small and the website was anything but responsive, taking forever to load. Of course, you weren’t on your desktop when you were on that site, but shouldn’t sites be optimized for mobile phones and tablets too? Well, there are many people who feel the same way that you do.

In this day and age, where everyone uses smartphone devices to perform their searches, it is imperative for a website to be optimized for mobile phones. Therefore, if you operate a local business, you must ensure that your website performs exactly the same on the mobile as on the desktop. Smartphone users not only use their smartphones to send emails, exchange messages, and make calls. They use their devices to connect with their social media platforms, surf the net for news and information, and shop and make purchases.

If you fail to optimize your website for mobile phones, you will lose out on visitors, potential customers, and your brand´s reputation will be compromised. Without straying away from the topic any further, here are mobile website tips for local SEO. If you don´t have a search engine optimization strategy yet, we would advise you to hire the services of the full service digital marketing agency, Unofficial.

Tip 1: Use Geolocation

It is advisable for you, as a business owner, to take full advantage of the capabilities of mobile phones. You must consider using geolocation to your benefit. Basically, you can use geolocation to give directions, give visitors an opportunity to check in-store availability at the closest store location, provide targeted promotions, and give shoppers prices in their local currency. You´d be foolish not to integrate geolocation services in your mobile optimized website.

Tip 2: The website has to be responsive

If you want your website to rank high in search engine platforms, you must ensure that the mobile-optimized site uses a responsive technology framework. The more responsive a site is, the better user experience it gives to the customers. Responsive sites are much easier to manage, do not require a separate mobile URL, and have numerous SEO benefits. 

Tip 3: The importance of keeping the content short

When working on the content of your mobile website, it is imperative for you to keep the content short and sweet. Smartphone screens aren´t the biggest around and they are considerably smaller than that on a desktop. It wouldn’t make sense for you to crowd the site with numerous images, word content, and videos etc. You must avoid making the mobile site cluttered at all costs. You should aspire to tell your story in the fewest words possible. Smartphone users have a low attention span and are only interested in scrolling quickly. Therefore, if you want to keep the visitor interested, you must only include necessary content on your mobile website.

Tip 4: Avoid excessive JavaScript

When designing your mobile website, it is advisable for you to avoid using excessive JavaScript. Why must you do that? Well, Java operates differently across different platforms, devices and browsers. Java can behave differently on different models of the same phone too. Of course, we are not advising you to completely ditch the idea of using JavaScript; we are simply advising you to use it carefully and cleverly. Excessive use of JavaScript can play an atrocious role in affecting the overall performance of your mobile site.

Tip 5: Ensure your site is navigable

When designing your site for smartphones, you should think with your thumb. Basically, what we are trying to say is that your site must be navigable with one thumb. There shouldn’t be a need for the users to pinch to zoom to get a better look at your content. The entire content must be accessible to the ¨phone hand.¨ In addition to that, it is also suggested for you to make the menu navigation and buttons big enough for fat fingers. You must aspire to remove as many accidental taps from the user experience as possible. If your site is easy to navigate, it will fare well in the search engine results.

Tip 6: The importance of keeping the design clean and simple

You must pay attention to two important factors when designing your mobile website; you must keep your mobile website simple and clean. If you add too many graphics and videos to your site, it can backfire and distract the visitors from your message—your message to describe who you are as a business organization. The overload of images and videos can also slow the loading speed of the website. And, we are all too aware of the lack of patience people have now, aren´t we? If you must incorporate images in your site, it is advisable for you to select images that are considerably smaller in byte size.

Tip 7: Pay attention to your icons

As we stated earlier, you must avoid making the mobile site cluttered at all costs. And, in order to keep the site clean and simple, we would suggest you opt for traditional mobile icons over instructional icons such as tap to call, find the menu, connect socially etc. By using traditional icons, you give visitors the impression that your site is optimized for smartphones. 

Tip 8: Ensure that your site loads extremely fast

Most people hate visiting sites that load slow. In fact, reliable statistics report that people only give a site around 3 seconds to load before closing it down. If your site takes more than 3 seconds to load, you will lose plenty of visitors and potential buyers. Therefore, when creating a mobile site, it is imperative for you to strip down the heavy media files that usually feature on your desktop site. Of course, we understand that you can´t completely devoid your mobile site of images. But, if you must add pictures, images, and videos, it is pivotal for you to first resize, crop, and optimize the media files. You wouldn’t want to compromise on your visitors´ browsing experience now, would you?

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