We are truly blessed to live in the digital era. The web boasts a vast wealth of information and the amount of online information only grows with each passing year. Hence, it is essential for businesses and companies to stay abreast of changing times and be well aware of the latest digital marketing trends. After all, only those who adapt can survive. Although there may be different forms of digital marketing trends and strategies, the core goals remain the same. Marketing is done to simply serve as the voice of a brand or a company, increase brand awareness and loyalty, attract visitors and customers, engage with customers, and implement several techniques to increase sales and conversions.

Without beating about the bush any further, here are some digital marketing trends to act on in 2018.

Integration of videos everywhere

There has been a massive increase in video content in recent times and the trend is not likely to change anytime soon. In fact, if we are to study the current trajectory of video content, it appears to be on its way towards outpacing all other content types. Most of the social media platforms are filled with video content and the trend doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. It makes sense for video content to be so popular. After all, people are more attracted and captivated by video than other forms of content.

Video content is not only more interactive than other forms of content, it also boasts of greater production potential. More people are live streaming through platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Periscope. Never has it been easier for brands and consumers to communicate with one another. 

The benefits of content marketing

Although there isn´t a lack of content on search engines, good content still remains the ideal, guaranteed way for companies and brands to rank high on search engine platforms. Therefore, no form of digital marketing is complete without the promotion of high quality, unique, and appealing content. Hence, even in 2018, it will still be of paramount importance for companies to produce quality content. So, why should organizations focus on content production? Well, in addition to helping them rank high on search results, good content plays an instrumental role in increasing the credibility of an organization. Good content can help attract visitors, increase sales, improve the image of a business and grow its potential. However, it is imperative for your branded content to resonate with your targeted audience.

Mobile Optimization

Reliable statistics indicate that most people perform their searches on their smartphones and tablets. Therefore, many businesses and organizations have started optimizing their sites for smartphones and tablets. Recently, Google even released a statement stating its plans to launch a fresh model of site indexing on its new mobile-oriented search engine. Hence, if you don’t want your business to rank low in search engine results, it is essential for you to create a responsive site that is well-optimized for mobile and tablet use. If you don´t have a search engine optimization strategy, you should consider hiring the services of the full service digital marketing agency, Unofficial.

Incorporating social messaging apps into communications

Do you know someone who doesn’t use a social messaging app to communicate? We don´t either. According to the reports published by the latest Ofcom Communications Market Research, over 61% of the smartphone users use Facebook Messenger to communicate. And, around 50% of the users also use WhatsApp. The trend of using social messaging apps for marketing purposes has already started and it is only likely to grow exponentially in 2018. Companies such as Pizza Hut have already started using Messenger for booking tables. IKEA, too, use Messenger for customer research.

One-to-One Marketing

So, what is one-to-one marketing exactly? Well, as its name suggests, it is just a marketing strategy of offering unique and customized products to attract and acquire customers. Do you remember the “Share a Coke” campaign started by Coca-Cola a few years back? Well, the strategy was largely targeted at the millennial generation. So, what was the strategy exactly? Well, each coke bottle contained the first name of a random person. And, that strategy motivated the consumers to share that particular bottle with their friends who had the same name. The consumers of modern times are spoilt for choices and they always want more. They are constantly on the lookout for unique and customized products. So, we truly believe that brands and companies, in 2018, will largely focus on one-to-one marketing to stay relevant.


In a nutshell, geo-targeting is simply a tailored location-based form of marketing.  More businesses are starting to understand the benefits of location-based advertising. Therefore, the popularity of geo-targeting is only likely to increase in 2018. Even small businesses have already started adopting this strategy. So, how does this work exactly? Well, let´s say that you operate a bakery. You can easily display a unique offer ad to a local event within a four-mile radius to increase your sales. Geo-targeting marketing boasts of high conversion rates as it only displays local search ads to users in the relevant geographic area. 

Voice Search

Voice search already accounts for 20% of all searches. And, we are quite certain that the number will only increase in 2018. Therefore, we are also certain that businesses will consider voice search a lot more in their SEO strategies heading to 2018. Most of the established technology providers are already investing a lot in virtual assistants; hence, you can bet your bottom dollar that the AI technology will advance and become a key part of a consumer´s journey with a brand in the near future. 

Influencer Marketing

Influencers are basically social media users who have access to a large number of people, who are usually their followers. An influencer usually has established credibility in a specific industry and can therefore, persuade his/her followers by virtue of his/her authenticity. And, as influencer marketing start gaining pace, there will be a decrease in celebrity product endorsements. Influencer marketing allows a brand to reach a highly engaged and relevant audience in the most cost-effective way.