There are many ways for you to monetize your website, blogs or vlogs. You can make money by selling ads, writing sponsored content or by working with content partners. It is even possible for you to create an online shop or use affiliate links to send your readers to someone else´s online shop. Many even enable the subscription model, where visitors are required to pay for content viewing. 

Unfortunately, all the aforementioned strategies will not be fruitful if you don´t have regular visitors to your site. In fact, if you want to make money from your blog, website, or vlog, it is first of paramount importance for you to boast of a dedicated audience. You will need people to consistently visit your site. And the only way you can improve your chances of gaining a large audience is by applying various SEO techniques.

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO in short, plays a pivotal role in driving website traffic. It is next to impossible to attract visitors without the application of proper SEO methods. SEO helps you rank high on Google search engine results.

Why is it necessary for you to rank high on Google?

Of course, it is completely possible for you to use various social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, to build a strong following. But, ranking high on Google search engine results is just more advantageous.

How so? For a start, Google is the highest-trafficked website in the world. Even getting a small fraction of Google´s traffic can be significant for your website. In addition to that, you should also know that, unlike in Facebook where a post only shows up in a feed for a few hours, optimized content can stay in the top spot of the Google search engine results for as long as it is relevant. A high-ranked Google upload can last for a long time. There is simply no limit on how many high-ranked Google posts you can write.

So, the question arises—how can you ensure that your content appears on the first page of search engine results?

Ensure that your site is optimized

Search engines pay attention to the quality of content you offer, but they also take into consideration several other factors such as the consistency, quality, load speed, and authority of your site. Hence, it is essential for you to ensure that your site operates as fast as possible.

People in today´s era are notoriously impatient and they will leave your website if the website load speed isn´t fast enough. If they stumble onto a site that takes ages to load, they are likely to abandon the site completely. Putting it simply, the faster your website loading speed, the more chances of you increasing your views, downloads, and conversions. In order to improve your page-load time, we would highly recommend you to optimize your images. While doing that, you should also think about the density of your image. You should be well aware that most screens are only capable of showing images at 72 pixels per inch, which means that anything clearer than that goes to waste.

It is also essential for you to optimize your site for mobile users. According to reliable statistics, most users these days spend, on average, 70 percent of their media time on smartphones. Regrettably, many commercial websites still perform poorly on mobile, causing them to lose out on millions. Businesses simply cannot afford to not have their sites optimized for smartphone users.   

When designing a site for smartphones, you must ensure that the site is easily navigable with a single thumb. Basically, the consumer must be able to access all the content on the site with the phone hand. No one prefers pinching to zoom in.

In order to improve your site´s performance in smartphones and other hand-held devices, you can implement Accelerated Mobile Pages to simplify your mobile pages and speed things up.

Focus on keywords, search terms, and URLs

Google doesn´t possess the magical ability to rank your site high in its search engine results just because you write a post. It is your job to help the search engines by predicting what people will search to locate your post/story. Therefore, if you want to post an article for the web, it is imperative for you to be clear and precise. People looking for solutions aren´t going to be creative in their searches.

After you have found the perfect key search term, you will need to use it in the post. It is essential for you to include your keyword several times throughout the post. You can also add keywords to your posts by adding related links with similar titles.

When writing your post, you should still write like you are talking to people and not a machine. Reliable studies show that search engines are particularly harsh on sites that publish short articles. Search engines don´t rate those sites as being particularly helpful and thus relegate them to the back burner of the results pages. Therefore, it is well worth taking the time to make sure you are clear on your online posts.

It is also imperative for you to pay attention to the URLs of your posts. Google largely focuses on the first five words of the URL. Therefore, you must, at all costs, include the target keywords in the first five words of the URL. You should opt to use shorter, relevant URLs for your content. Doing so will help your site rank high in the search engine results.

Of course, it is essential for you to share your content as much as possible too. In the same way that you might be more likely to buy a product or service after someone recommends it, search engines are more likely to commit to your page after others have shared your posts.

Only after optimizing your website will you increase your chances of attracting visitors, clients, and potential customers.  And with more visitors, clients, and potential customers visiting your site, your sales and profits will also inadvertently increase.