New Client Criteria

Limited Availability For New Clients

Our availability for new projects is currently limited. Read our new client criteria to see if your company qualifies. If it does, apply to work with us, and let’s do big things together!

  • You Must Have Clearly Defined Goals. Our clients know what they’re trying to accomplish. This keeps everyone on the same page and ensures that our plan always stays focused on the goal.
  • Your Goals Must Be Measurable. Our clients know it’s not enough just to have goals. Those goals also need to be quantifiable. This allows us to ensure that the goals are achievable from the outset, and allows us to report back on our progress throughout the project.
  • Your Business Must Be Established.  With very few exceptions, our clients are companies that are already established, have customers, and are generating revenue. We typically don’t work with start-ups unless they’re owned by an existing client, or they’re fully-funded or participating in a startup incubator.
  • You Must Have An Existing Marketing Strategy & Budget.  Our clients understand the challenges of successful marketing. They have experienced marketing successes and failures, and they have a fairly solid understanding of who their target audience is. They also understand that marketing expenditures should be measured by return-on-investment (value,) rather than by upfront cost (expense.)
  • You Must Serve Customers That Are Local To Your Business.  Our clients hire us to help them connect with customers and prospective customers that are in their geographical area. Local marketing is our strength, so we don’t typically accept e-commerce, nationwide, or worldwide projects unless they have a distinct local angle as well.
  • You Must Be Willing To Trust Us To Do Our Job.  Our clients hire us for our expertise and then empower us to do our job to our maximum potential. They don’t micromanage or second guess us; they know that we’ll keep them informed, and we’ll check with them on anything that’s unclear.
  • You Must Be In It For The Long-Haul.  Our clients understand that Internet Marketing is a long-term strategy, not an overnight fix to whatever problems they might be experiencing. They focus on long-term success rather than short-term wins, and they view us as a long-term partner in the success of their business.

Does your business meet our new client criteria? Apply now to work with us!